Bulan: Mei 2017



By: Jum’an Basalim

Dear Gentlemen,

I am 74 yrs old now. I performed kidney transplant safely in Guangzhou China about 15 years ago. So far my health is OK. I am required to take medicines to suppress my antibody, keep my blood pressure and my blood sugar normal all my life. I was lucky I can buy all that medicine (that cost around 600 USD per month) with my salary. The most expensive is the immunosuppressant medicine.  But when my company collapsed last year (my company is good enough to let me work until old age knowing that I need expensive medical care) It becomes very hard for me to buy the medicines. An if I stop taking the medicines, my kidney will deteriorate and rotten causing fatality. I do not have insurance and the only way for me is to look for donations. Please whoever have enough earning and trust my above story (because I cannot show you any proof) and wants to help, please donate to save my kidney here. Whatever amount is highly appreciated. Best Regards: Jum’an Basalim